Having been battle-tested in both the political and business (capital/financial) worlds, I'm confident my experience brings a very unique set of skills and strengths to this race:

I've managed large budgets, I've restructured complex debt, I've signed the front of checks and employed people throughout our great State.

Just look to my business I started over 18 years ago and its people-driven approach to commercial real estate. I know what it's like to take vacant properties or distressed assets, and place them back into thriving productivity time and time and time again.

That's the kind of creative positive thinking, work ethic, and stewardship I will bring to the Colorado Treasurer's office.

I also founded one of Colorado's leading coalitions, facilitating statewide dialogue, bridge building among diverse people, and action every month between innovators, entrepreneurs, public servants, and business leaders. I've spent years highlighting the golden nuggets of what WORKS in Colorado from those with proven success.

That's the kind of energy and collaboration I will lead with as our next Colorado Treasurer.

I'm not here to play politics, but rather to do just what I've always done: be truly present and 100% invested in our community. As one of my campaign pledges, I will not take a salary from the government for serving as Colorado’s Treasurer, as I want to truly serve you, and set a precedent from day one of saving every tax dollar possible to improve our quality of life.

Have I been challenged before in my personal, business, and political endeavors? Absolutely. In the Great Recession, I lost nearly everything (after starting from nothing). It was a daily struggle for me, my family, my company. But, I pressed on and rebuilt from square one.

Those are the hard, painful life stories that will shape my grit and integrity as Treasurer.

- Brian Watson

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Unique Approach To the office

Brian shares the story about building his business with a unique investment approach to commercial real estate (creating opportunity, empowering people, strengthening community), and why he wants to take that same unique approach to the Colorado State Treasurer's office.