The Colorado Springs Gazette Endorses Brian Watson

The Colorado Springs Gazette has endorsed my campaign for State Treasurer! We are honored to have the endorsement of the second largest newspaper in Colorado. The Gazette points to my experience managing investments and my attitude as a public servant. Thank you to the Gazette!

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Read the full endorsement below:

“Colorado’s state treasurer manages a portfolio of investments worth more than $6 billion. It is imperative voters elect someone who knows a lot about money to fill this role.

Brian Watson clawed his way from small-town Western Slope hardship to build a multibillion-dollar real estate brokerage.

Like the current treasurer, Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton, Watson cares about public employees and the perilous state of their funds in the Public Employees’ Retirement Association (PERA).

“We must keep our promises to current retirees and those paying into the system,” Watson implores.

That’s what we need. A treasurer who understands the real purpose of money: to serve people who work hard to earn it.

Watson reached out to The Gazette’s editorial board and met with us for more than an hour, exuding his passion to serve the people of this state without remuneration.

Watson’s opponent, Democratic nominee Dave Young, lacks adequate credentials to manage Colorado’s treasury. A former junior high school teacher, Young has a connection to finance that is political. He served on the House appropriations and budget committees, which means he has voted on finance-related policies. He has never written payroll checks and held personal responsibility for large sums of money.

Voters cannot take a chance on something so important as the state’s finances. Elect someone with above-average qualifications and passion for the job. Vote for Brian Watson.”