An update on our ballot petition progress!

Dear friends,

 I wanted to update you on our statewide effort to petition onto the Republican primary ballot this Spring.

We are in the process of collecting 1,500 signatures from each of the seven congressional districts in Colorado. To achieve this, we are estimating that we will be talking to over 12,000 registered Republicans from every corner of our state. 

We have made good progress, and I am thrilled with the feedback we've received. Our positive, conservative, people-centered message is still the best conversation at the supermarket, the front door, and at the dining room table – which is what this is all about.

Here's a fun picture of two of our best petition circulators hard at work recently, Shae and Christina. Shae is currently a Marine Corps reserve.  


Reaching this many Coloradans is a tall order, but we have made good progress so far as we work to complete our petition by the Secretary of State's mid-March deadline. 

In order to achieve this, it is critical we maintain the resources and organization needed to facilitate this statewide effort. 

Will you please join us today, and chip in to support our outreach? 

Please chip in here so we can continue to reach Republicans across Colorado and secure our name on the ballot for the primary this June.

Thank you!