A campaign update


I hope this finds you well and off to a successful 2018 in both your personal and professional life.

I’m writing today to ask a personal favor, as we’re at a crucial time in the campaign season. Please let me know if you’re willing to help...

As you probably know, I launched my campaign for State Treasurer of Colorado last October. Since that time, I have been traveling throughout the state, meeting people, sharing our positive message & plan, and building new friendships.

I am encouraged to report that we ended 2017 strong — raising more support in our first quarter alone than every other candidate in the race combined (both Democrats and Republicans). Thanks to all of those who helped make that possible, as this shows how strong the momentum is for my campaign!

That stated, I’m writing because our Primary Election campaign is only half-way funded. I have made over 4,500 phone calls to prospective donors, sent over 5,000 personal emails, and worked hard daily to raise the financial support necessary to reach every Colorado Primary voter with our positive message.

We need to raise about $240,000 more in the coming months. Phone calls and emails alone simply won’t cut it. To give you some perspective, past races for Colorado Treasurer leading up to mine have had to raise over $500,000 for the June Primary and over $900,000 through the November General Election. I must remain vigilant every single day to raise these dollars if we are to win in June. Every dollar raised immediately turns into our campaign program and direct contact with active Colorado voters.

I’m running as someone who started from square one in a small rural community on the Western Slope of Colorado, knowing that every dollar matters. I now hope to take my experience managing large complex budgets, restructuring debt, and a proven record of creating jobs and opportunities to be a true steward of Colorado’s financial resources. That’s what this campaign is all about: good stewardship of your hard earned dollars.

As Colorado’s next Treasurer, I am confident that this positive and active vision will bring a unique approach to the office. Here’s where I need your help: will you please help make this vision become a reality?

Any donation amount of $1 up to the maximum allowed contribution of $1,150 per individual ($2,300 per couple) would be deeply and personally meaningful to me.

That stated, here are some things we can do with your support:  $1,150 will cover printing for a month, $575 will pay for a digital ad campaign, $250 will pay for a large campaign billboard, and $50 will buy a roll of stamps...

I’m running to be a true statesman and a citizen public servant. I have already committed to not taking a salary from the government (remember, every dollar matters!) and to continue making a living in the private sector like most Coloradans do. Your help in making our second financial report successful would mean a lot to me, so please either make a donation online before the March 31, 2018 deadline!

Should you wish to help by becoming a volunteer to the campaign, hosting a friend/fundraiser for me, or anything else, please let me know. If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me personally at brian@brianwatson.vote or reach out on my cell phone at 303-519-6958.

Thank you for your support! I am truly grateful.