When there are 27 days left...

Dear friends,

Today marks 27 days until the primary election. 

Day in and day out, we have been workin tirelessly to spread our positive, people-centered message across Colorado. We have been meeting with people around our state, walking neighborhoods to talk one on one with voters, writing countless households to share our vision, and securing ads on TV and digital platforms to give voters the opportunity to hear our message. 

And with the primary election just a couple of weeks away, we need your help more than ever. We have come this far because of your support, but we cannot cross the finish line without you.

Will you chip in $27 today for the 27 days until the primary election? 

Every dollar matters, which is why your contribution will go directly to our digital ads, mailers, and TV ads to give each and every Colorado voter the opportunity to hear our positive message. 

Now is the time to contribute.

Will you contribute $27 today for the 27 days until the primary election?

Next Monday, the primary ballots will be mailed out to voters throughout the state of Colorado. The clock is ticking. Every moment matters just as every dollar matters.

Giddy up!