Brian Watson – Republican candidate for Colorado Treasurer visits Walsenburg

WALSENBURG — Brian Watson, candidate for Colorado Treasurer, was at La Plaza Inn to discuss his candidacy and talk about his ideas for the office. He gave a very enthusiastic presentation about his vision for the office and even vowed not to take a salary because every dollar matters and he is not looking for a paid political job. His desire is to be a statesman.

He grew up in Olathe on the western slope and is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he received a bachelor of science degree in real estate.

Watson started a business from the ground up, which now has assets over a billion dollars and has created numerous jobs. He said he’s a business leader running against two career politicians, has the most financial experience in the race, and he can bring that knowledge to the office. He wants to make government efficient.

Watson knows as state treasurer he will have a seat on the Public Employee Retirement Association Board of Directors, and since he knows all the members, he will meet with everyone on an individual basis to get their ideas for possible solutions. His sister is a teacher and he is concerned about all public employees in the state and their pensions, and would like to take immediate action to solve PERA’s fiscal problems.

The treasurer also manages the state’s billions of dollars in assets, including the investment of Colorado tax dollars, and oversees the unclaimed property division.

Watson is a fiscal conservative and is against raising sales taxes. He said we need a state treasurer who understands large budgets and other complex financial matters to steward our tax dollars.  He is concerned about all of Colorado, including rural areas, saying Colorado has 64 counties and that the treasurer’s office is too Denver oriented.

He thanked the group and asked for their support.