Our first fundraising deadline in the General Election is TONIGHT

Dear friends,

Our first fundraising deadline for the General Election is TONIGHT at midnight. 

We need to take every dollar raised in the primary election and raise it again for the general in November, right around the corner.

It's important to note for historical context and helpful perspective, past Colorado State Treasurer's races have needed to raise at least $1 million to get successfully across the finish line and that has been without a challenging primary election. 

It is crucial that we report a strong outcome, as this will allow us to maintain our positive, people-centered message throughout the state of Colorado through the General Election in November.

Would you please chip in today before the deadline tonight?

Many of you were so generous in the Primary race, and have continued to help support my campaign since our win in June. However, we still need to raise a substantial amount of funds in order to secure the State Treasurer's office. 

Would you please give today before it's too late?

Any donation amount of $1 up to the maximum allowed contribution of $1,150 per individual ($2,300 per couple) would be beyond helpful so that we can continue to show up strong from now until November.

Thank you for your continued support!


PS: Our first fundraising deadline in the General Election is TONIGHT. Would you chip in today before midnight?