Deadline Tonight!


If you didn't see the good news yesterday, we've officially and successfully qualified for the Republican primary ballot in June! 

We are thrilled with this victory, but our work is still cut out for us. 

The deadline for our next financial report where we release the information about all of our contributions for the year is tonight at midnight. 

With the primary ballots being mailed to voters in a little over thirty days, we need your help more than ever. 

We have secured support all throughout the state of Colorado, including my former competitor in the State Treasurer's race, Senator Kevin Lundberg. 

Read Kevin's words below....

Having spent a great deal of time with all of the candidates who did make the ballot, I have a good idea of who is the best candidate and who should be the most effective in this high office. My choice is Brian Watson. I believe Brian has the best skills, passion and resources to go the distance in the election and to serve our state with distinction as our next state treasurer.

In a year where we select the next governor not much attention is given to the state treasurer, but I recommend you take the time and look into every candidate. I trust you will come to the same conclusion as I: Brian Watson is the best person for the job. - Senator Kevin Lundberg, State Senator for District 15 and Member of the Joint Budget Committee

Click here to read more encouraging words from supporters throughout Colorado.

Will you join our team and show your support by chipping in below before this significant deadline tonight?

This is a critical time in our campaign. 

At the end of our last financial report, we managed to secure and raise funds that totaled both Democrat and Republican candidates combined. This was a significant milestone for us, but to be completely clear, it does not mean that we have reached the finish line. 

The money we have raised thus far has secured us a place on the ballot, but we still have a notable amount of work to do in order to continue spreading our positive and people-centered vision throughout the state of Colorado.

Based on historical data gathered from past State Treasurer races, we still have $240,000 left to raise before the primary next month. That being said, I need to raise $120,000 each month alone.

Would you please chip in today before the deadline tonight?

I truly believe that every dollar matters, and that is a truth that drives both our campaign and my vision for Colorado State Treasurer. From the $1 donor to the $1,150 donor (maximum individual contribution; the maximum couple contribution is $2,300), I am grateful for your support.

Every single dollar is stewarded well and goes a long way. 

Thank you for your consideration and support!


P.S. Our next financial contributing report is due tonight. Will you please chip in today before midnight hits? Remember, every dollar matters.