Less than one week away!

Dear Friends,

We are entering the final stretch of my campaign for State Treasurer of Colorado, and ballots will be in voters' hands next week.

There is no time to waste.

Our team is working harder than ever to get our positive message out to as many people as possible, as soon as possible.

We were honored to earn the trust of Republican and Unaffiliated voters across our state who supported our positive, people-first message in the primary election. Now, it’s our job to show the people of Colorado that as State Treasurer I will stand up for every Coloradan, regardless of party affiliation or political background.

As the next State Treasurer of Colorado, my goal remains to: 

Serve as the best State Treasurer I can be to benefit all of the people of Colorado, and be a good steward of every taxpayer dollar. 

 2) Use my business and entrepreneurship experience to address important issues in government, and to be a voice for financial matters. 

3) Positively impact PERA, which is the largest single debt obligation of State Government in Colorado. 

My opponent is another existing career politician in our state legislature, looking for his next paid political job. However, as voters in the primary showed us, Coloradans are ready for fresh proactive leadership with new ideas to tackle issues like PERA, instead of the same insider thinking. 

I am not running as a politician or to line my own pockets. In fact, I have promised to not take a salary as State Treasurer in order to set a precedent that every dollar matters. 

Now that we are reaching a larger audience of families and individuals from all across Colorado who will be participating in the General Election on November 6th, I would appreciate your help more than ever, right now.

Would you please provide your support with a financial contribution today? The election is just 29 days away, and we need all the resources we can secure to contact voters effectively.

Whether you and/or family or friends give $100 or the maximum individual donation of $1,150 ($2,300 per couple), or anything in between, it would be appreciated by each member of our team!  

No contribution amount is too small as we would still like to raise $250,000 as soon as possible, and every dollar will count towards this effort. This money will be used directly to reach voters across Colorado. Though over 95% of our contributions have come from people within Colorado, we can accept donations from any U.S. Citizen.  

It's easy to donate! Please visit: www.brianwatson.vote/donate

If you wish to help the campaign in other ways by being a volunteer, hosting a friend/fundraiser, sharing our message on social media, or putting up a yard sign, ALL are appreciated and welcome! You can sign up at www.brianwatson.vote/get-involved.

Thank you again for your support throughout this campaign thus far. This is a grassroots, people-centered campaign and will take all of us working together as a team to win this race.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and support - now is truly our time.

Best Regards,

Brian Watson
Candidate for State Treasurer of Colorado

Cell Phone: (303) 519-6958

Email: brian@brianwatson.vote