Herb Huskey: Brian Watson will help solve PERA Funding

My name is Herb Huskey and I am a teacher at Fruita Monument High School. I am writing today to urge you to vote for Brian Watson for state treasurer of Colorado.

As a teacher in Colorado, I have spent my life trying to make a positive impact on the next generation of leaders in Colorado — our children. I believe that it is important that our government prioritizes education and invests in our schools and our teachers.

I am relying on Public Employee Retirement Association benefits for my family. We have been promised benefits based on what we pay into system and our service. I will be honest with you: I am worried that our government will not be able to deliver on its promises to teachers across the state. That could impact my family and thousands like mine.

Right now, we face a $30 billion shortfall on PERA, and it could be even higher than that based on some estimations. Teachers are paying attention to the direction of PERA, and we’re worried. It is frustrating that our government hasn’t been able to come together and solve this problem before it got this bad.

I am urging you to vote for Brian Watson for state treasurer on behalf of teachers like me. Brian has made PERA a central focus of his campaign for state treasurer. Right away, I connected with his call to make PERA a “people issue” — because it is! I have heard a lot of politicians at the state capital using PERA for partisan points and not actually doing anything about the very real problems we face.

Brian Watson wants to get to know the other PERA board members so that they can create relationships and understand each other. We need more leaders willing to sit down and put politics aside to solve problems.

I know that sacrifices have to be made on all sides in order to keep promises to teachers already paying into the system while also making up for the massive shortfall we face. We need a leader who will listen to all sides and use his experience to find real solutions. Vote for Brian Watson for state treasurer!

Herb Huskey
High School Teacher | Physical Education, Health & Wellness, Computer/Online Academics Courses
Fruita Monument High School