Anita McAllister: Brian Watson for Colorado State Treasurer

I am advocating for Brian Watson for Colorado state treasurer because his approach to PERA is a breath of fresh air. Watson has a deep understanding of the issues surrounding PERA. Our current politicians aren't willing to put partisan politics aside and actually fix the $30 billion problem.

Fixing PERA is a long road, but Brian wants to meet individually with each board member to create relationships. Brian's vision is to create more transparency by tearing down the bitter political divides the system and the state Legislature have created. Please vote for Brian Watson.

— Anita McAllister, Greeley

(published in the Greeley Tribune on October 28th)

Herb Huskey: Brian Watson will help solve PERA Funding

I am urging you to vote for Brian Watson for state treasurer on behalf of teachers like me. Brian has made PERA a central focus of his campaign for state treasurer. Right away, I connected with his call to make PERA a “people issue” — because it is! I have heard a lot of politicians at the state capital using PERA for partisan points and not actually doing anything about the very real problems we face.

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel Endorses Brian Watson for State Treasurer

“Watson is a product of the Western Slope. He grew up near Olathe and studied at CU-Boulder before starting his own real estate acquisition company with assets today in excess of $1.3 billion.

Managing a portfolio like that on behalf of private investors is not unlike overseeing the state's $6 billion investment portfolio on behalf of taxpayers. Watson, a Republican, is ready-made to step into that role.”

The Colorado Springs Gazette Endorses Brian Watson

The Colorado Springs Gazette Endorses Brian Watson

The Colorado Springs Gazette has endorsed my campaign for State Treasurer! We are honored to have the endorsement of the second largest newspaper in Colorado. The Gazette points to my experience managing investments and my attitude as a public servant. Thank you to the Gazette!

Boulder Weekly Endorses Brian Watson for Colorado State Treasurer

Boulder Weekly has endorsed my campaign for State Treasurer. I am the only Republican at any level that Boulder Weekly endorsed in this election. I am honored to have the most bipartisan support from voters and the media throughout Colorado. Our campaign is focused on financial stewardship for all Coloradans, regardless of political background or affiliation. 

Less than one week away!

As the next State Treasurer of Colorado, my goal remains to: 

Serve as the best State Treasurer I can be to benefit all of the people of Colorado, and be a good steward of every taxpayer dollar. 

 2) Use my business and entrepreneurship experience to address important issues in government, and to be a voice for financial matters. 

3) Positively impact PERA, which is the largest single debt obligation of State Government in Colorado