VOTE business leader Brian Watson for Colorado Treasurer!

1. Colorado business leader running against a current politician

2. The most financial experience in the race

3. Only candidate to pledge not to take a salary from Government 

4. Stalwart fiscal hawk with the most bipartisan support statewide

(Seriously, check out The full list of Brian's public supporters HERE!)

Meet Brian Watson!

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Long version: 3 minute overview


"Unlike most of the political insiders, I grew up in the tiny rural town of Olathe on Colorado’s Western Slope. I went to school at CU Boulder. I built my businesses in Denver and created jobs throughout the state.

I always say those San Juan Mountains formed me from my childhood. They taught me what it’s like to come from little - to start from square one. I saw hardworking Coloradans show up day in and day out. I learned about grit and stewardship. I showed my livestock at the county fair, I laid brickwork in town, and my family and I literally built our home from the soil up: nailing boards, hanging drywall, setting a foundation.

And just like our home outside of Olathe, that my mom still lives in today, I built my business with the same mission: to create real value and make a lasting, positive impact...and that’s the work ethic and stewardship I’ll bring to the Treasurer’s office.

Why? Because first and foremost, stewarding every dollar matters. Protecting your wallet is, in reality, protecting how the bills get paid every month, the quality of life we have, and how bright the future looks for each of us."

- Brian


Brian Watson on PERA
(Colorado Public Employees' Retirement Association)

PERA provides important retirement and other benefits to more than 560,000 current and former teachers, state troopers, and other public employees across Colorado. 

As we work to address the fund’s estimated $30 billion unfunded liability, we must remember this should be a people first issue not a partisan political one. The fight is not against PERA, it’s for solvency and sustainability. PERA is often caught in the crossfire when it’s our career politicians and our state legislature who created much of the problem. We must keep our promises to current retirees and those paying in the system.

Colorado needs a State Treasurer with decades of financial and business experience willing to do the right thing for our teachers and other public employees – not another career politician like my opponent, looking for their next paid political job. 

Click here to check out Brian’s full action plan for PERA

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