Brian Watson is battle-tested & ready to serve as our next Colorado Treasurer


"Unlike most of the political insiders, I grew up in the tiny rural town of Olathe on Colorado’s Western Slope. I went to school in Boulder. I built my businesses in Denver and created jobs throughout the state.

I always say those San Juan Mountains formed me from my childhood. They taught me what it’s like to come from little - to start from square one. I saw hardworking Coloradans show up day in and day out. I learned about grit and stewardship. I showed my livestock at the county fair, I laid brickwork in town, and my family and I literally built our home from the soil up: nailing boards, hanging drywall, setting a foundation.

And just like our home outside of Olathe, that my mom still lives in today, I built my business with the same mission: to create real value and make a lasting, positive impact...and that’s the work ethic and stewardship I’ll bring to the Treasurer’s office.

Why? Because first and foremost, stewarding every dollar matters. Protecting your wallet is, in reality, protecting how the bills get paid every month, the quality of life we have, and how bright the future looks for each of us."

- Brian




"It is my distinct pleasure both to endorse Brian Watson’s candidacy for Colorado State Treasurer as well as call him a friend. Having known Brian for many years I have no doubt he is the right man for this crucial job. These are trying financial times in America, Colorado being no exception. Effective, efficient and ethical management of the people’s money and budget has never been more necessary. Through his handling of myriad private-sector transactions Brian has established a reputation and track record of successful financial management that is second to none.

Further, as an activist in the black community myself I have time and again seen Brian make personal sacrifice for the benefit of his fellow man regardless of race, creed or political orientation. The sensitivities and delicate balance with which elected officials must approach their duties and responsibility to work on behalf of constituents is a difficult one. I have seen Brian actively seek counsel, implement community outreach and involvement and work toward harmonizing all Coloradans in a way that is highly unique and necessary as our state becomes a more diverse melting pot.

This kind of awareness, leadership, lack of political ties and cronyism is exactly what our state capitol is in dire need of. Because of his actions, not words, Brian Watson has earned my strongest possible endorsement."

Derrick Wilburn
Former Colorado Republican Party Vice-Chairman


Brian Watson for Colorado Treasurer.png

Brian Watson for Colorado Treasurer.png

THE Story behind the logo...

Any good logo should tell a real-life story, right? Well, the horse icon here is actually an exact replica drawing of Apache, Brian's American Paint Horse - spots and all! Brian loves to ride (if you couldn't tell by everything else on the site yet) and is excited to make Apache a part of the campaign any way he can...