Having spent a great deal of time with all of the candidates who did make the ballot, I have a good idea of who is the best candidate and who should be the most effective in this high office. My choice is Brian Watson. I believe Brian has the best skills, passion and resources to go the distance in the election and to serve our state with distinction as our next state treasurer.

In a year where we select the next governor not much attention is given to the state treasurer, but I recommend you take the time and look into every candidate. I trust you will come to the same conclusion as I: Brian Watson is the best person for the job.

Senator Kevin Lundberg
State Senator for District 15 and Former Candidate for Colorado State Treasurer 


It is my distinct pleasure both to endorse Brian Watson’s candidacy for Colorado State Treasurer as well as call him a friend. Having known Brian for many years I have no doubt he is the right man for this crucial job. These are trying financial times in America, Colorado being no exception. Effective, efficient and ethical management of the people’s money and budget has never been more necessary. Through his handling of myriad private-sector transactions Brian has established a reputation and track record of successful financial management that is second to none.

Further, as an activist in the black community myself I have time and again seen Brian make personal sacrifice for the benefit of his fellow man regardless of race, creed or political orientation. The sensitivities and delicate balance with which elected officials must approach their duties and responsibility to work on behalf of constituents is a difficult one. I have seen Brian actively seek counsel, implement community outreach and involvement and work toward harmonizing all Coloradans in a way that is highly unique and necessary as our state becomes a more diverse melting pot.

This kind of awareness, leadership, lack of political ties and cronyism is exactly what our state capitol is in dire need of. Because of his actions, not words, Brian Watson has earned my strongest possible endorsement.

Derrick Wilburn
Former Colorado Republican Party Vice-Chairman


Of all the candidates, the one that stands out and the one I'd urge your strong support is Brian Watson. I've worked alongside Brian for that last 4 years on the Board of a non-profit and I've known him for a decade. I've seen him first hand guiding his successful business and in speaking in detail in public policy. I've seen him interact with our states most powerful and our states most needy, from urban to rural interactions and conversations. Brian is completely dedicated towards creating opportunities for all Coloradan's regardless of their background, Party Affiliation, economic situation, and life's philosophy. 

Brian Watson is an extraordinary candidate for Colorado State Treasurer.  I am confident that Brian Watson will gain your support and vote, and that he'll be our next Colorado State Treasurer.

John Brackney
Former Arapahoe County Commissioner and Former President & CEO of South Metro Denver Chamber


I support Brian Watson to be our next state treasurer because he is the real deal. He is a man of uncompromising integrity, is extremely qualified to handle the complex issues that we face particularly with regard to PERA and he comes from humble beginnings so he knows the value of a dollar. His work ethic is unparalleled and he’s not a politician so he’ll bring a distinct new approach and voice to the table. Brian knows how to solve problems and he will represent us well. Most importantly, he has no agenda. He wants to do what is in the people’s best interest.

Margo Knutson
 Conservative Political Activist
& District Captain in Douglas County


Brian Watson is uniquely qualified to serve as our State Treasurer. He understands all of Colorado and has a record of financial success, stewardship and high ethical standards that will provide the trust and confidence we need in this position. Brian's commitment to Colorado is evident by his support of nonprofits, charter schools and developing business and community leaders. He is making a deep and lasting impact on the lives of many in Colorado and will continue to do so as our State Treasurer.

Former Representative Ken Summers
Fort Collins, CO


I've had the pleasure of getting to know Brian Watson both as a business partner and as a friend. I've found him to be incredibly astute, hard-working, capable, and, most importantly, honorable. He has great skills He will make a great treasurer for our state and I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy.

Kim Shugart
CEO of WickedThink Marketing


The Office of State Treasurer requires the highest degree of integrity and trustworthiness.  It is my strong belief that Brian Watson has these qualities and will be a memorable Treasurer for our State.

Ron Rakowsky
Mayor of Greenwood Village 


He has been very successful by creating innovative financial approaches and negotiating transactions solving complex business challenges.

With turmoil in our State economically, including PERA and a plethora of economic tests approaching Colorado, I can think of no greater skill for the position of State Treasurer !

Robert Blaha
Vice Chairman of Integrity Bank and Trust

ben Lyng.png

Brian Watson is someone that I have admired in business, philanthropy, and politics for years. Brian is a self-made man who will bring a work ethic developed over decades of competition in one of America’s toughest industries to this critical role in our state government.  I have complete confidence in Brian’s leadership and work ethic to be an outstanding steward of our state’s financial resources. Brian is a true leader, a job creator, with decades of financial experience. It is rare that we get someone with the integrity and experience that Brian will bring to the office.  I am proud to call Brian my friend and fully support him for Colorado Treasurer.  

Benjamin Lyng
Douglas County Republican Party Precinct Leader

Millie Kitchen.png

If there's one thing I know about Brian, it's that he knows exactly how to make ideas become a reality. Brian will connect the right people and show true leadership every day while in office. He'll be one of the best State Treasurer's Colorado has seen. I know he will turn problems into solutions and bring everything together to deliver for the people of Colorado.

Millie Kitchen
Vice President - Business Relationship Manager III, Chase Bank


I've known Brian Watson to be one of utmost character and integrity in all my dealings and interactions with him. I've seen Brian get in to this race for all the right reasons and am more than confident he will show up well in the Treasurer's office just as he has in every other task he's committed to.

Martin Lind
President of Water Valley Land Company


Brian Watson is truly a man of the people. He's running for Colorado State Treasurer because he knows this is about you, me, and every single one of us before it's about political games and talking points. He has the heart of a servant leader and is a genuine statesman - not a politician. His expertise in managing large financial matters from a business perspective will allow him to bring the right fresh ideas to the Treasurer's office to tackle vital issues liker PERA head on. Let's get Brian in there to get the job done right!

Maria del Carmen Guzman- Weese
Community Leader and Conservative Activist


Colorado deserves a fresh perspective from someone with an extensive and proven business background like Brian offers.  

Coloradans deserve and expect a State Treasurer that understands business while offering a fiscally responsible approach allowing Colorado to compete at a national and international level.  Brian Watson brings skills unmatched by others and is the right person for this job at this time! 

Boyd Williams
President and CEO of YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region


It is my pleasure to heartily endorse my friend, Brian Watson, for Colorado State Treasurer. Brian has a heart for people. It is evidenced by the several different organizations and non- profits he started to connect people, build relationships, and create dialogue amongst different groups within Colorado communities. His business background and management of large budgets also makes him highly qualified for the office of treasurer. Brian understands what it means to be a good steward of our precious Colorado resources and comes to the table with positive people driven solutions to our state’s economic issues. We need to build a better economic future for our children. Brian is the man I trust to have the vision and make complex decisions with our tax dollars.

Susan Cunniff
USAF Veteran and Homeschool Mom


Colorado faces serious challenges when it comes to our massive growth.  We’re all feeling it and we need leadership whogets it. Brian Watson has successfully navigated the highs and lows of our state’s complex economy A top business leader, he’s so unlike his politician competitors. I trust Brian Watson—as a person and also as—our next State Treasurer.

Jessica Peck
Attorney at Law


Brian Watson is a man of passion and integrity.  His commitment to making Colorado the best it can be has been evident in his private and business efforts for many years. I have no doubt he will bring this same expertise and dedication to his public service as our State Treasurer.

Edie Marks
Realtor, CRS, GRI of The Kentwood Company
Past President of the Cancer League of Colorado


It is my honor to endorse Brian Watson for Colorado State Treasurer. Brian's resourceful ideas, unique business background, and expanse of expertise make him uniquely qualified to hold this position in office. Brian's leads with a true servants heart. He does not just talk about how to change our state and futures for the better: he acts on it. Brian's fresh and innovative ideas are absolutely what Colorado needs, and his leadership and knowledge will truly help to create a better Colorado. 

Maria Garcia Berry
Community Leader and Conservative Activist
Founder and Chairman of CRL Associates, Inc. 


As a friend, Brian shows genuine care for our growing family, including both our son and the children we've fostered in parties, and special family outings. He's been a generous sponsor of my nonprofit work for kids and families in foster care. Brian Watson has earned my trust over the years, which makes me happy to vote Brian Watson for Colorado State Treasurer.

Hope Forti
Founder of Foster Together


As a 30 year Colorado Entrepreneur, I have developed a healthy skepticism of people in government.  That’s why I am so excited about Brian Watson’s run for public office.  For nearly a decade he has been a friend, partner and tireless servant to our great community.

Steve Bigari
CEO of Synq3 Restaurant Solutions


I have rarely ever met anyone who exemplifies the American ‘dream’ like Brain.  He overcame challenges early  in his life and learned  how hard it is to just earn a living.  Despite his success he has never forgotten his roots.  He also has the courage of his convictions to make time for others, both family and friends.  Moreover, now he’s willing to step up for the people of Colorado and with his business experience,  help our state address the challenges today and better prepare for the future.  We need people like Brian who can just get things done, not politicians with false promises.

Christopher Pelley
Managing Director of The Pelley Group


I can think of no person better suited for the Colorado State Treasurer's role than Brian Watson. Not only is Brian someone who is committed to serving the people of Colorado, he is a person of great integrity. He is a dedicated team player, who always gets the job done. I am honored to support and endorse Brian for State Treasurer. 

Priscilla Negreanu
CEO, Founder | Conexiune


I ask you to join me in supporting Brian Watson for State Treasurer. Brian is an accomplished businessman who has the knowledge and the skill for this office. He has no conflicts of interest because he is the only candidate who is not in the Public Employees Retirement Association. PERA has a $35-billion unfunded liability, over $6,000 for each Coloradan and Brian can solve this problem.

Frank DeFilippo
Former Colorado State Representative (R-HD25) and twice recipient of CUT’s 100% rated Guardian of the Treasury award


I’ve known Brian for over 10 years now and have come to respect him as competent business man, consumate family man and passionate about the state of Colorado and its environment. He is detailed oriented, fiscally responsible and a real pleasure to do business with.

For these reasons, I am proud to support his candidacy as Colorado Treasurer.

Richard E Franklin
Chairman Emeritus Cleantech Open & Father of U.S. Olympian, Missy Franklin


It’s vital that we vote our values, so I’ll be voting for Brian. With his experience, he can hit the ground running on day one!

Marge Klein
President of PoliFi


As a mom of two amazing young adults who I hope will settle in Colorado, I am supporting the one candidate for Treasurer with the business experience needed to manage our State's funds and keep Colorado's economy expanding. I also know how much our under funded State Retirement system takes from our ability to pay our teachers and state staff well; I am supporting Brian because we need his expertise to help bring transparency to the system. 

Laura Boggs
Wife, Mom, Business Leader, Former School Board Member & Community Activist 


Brian brings integrity, trust, energy, intellect, thoughtfulness and strong listening skills that will ensure the Colorado Treasury Department serves the very best interest of the state and citizens of Colorado. Brian has a keen sense of the financial issues and opportunities for the entire state, and will be able to be a strong and transparent steward of the state’s finances.

Michele McKinney



The State Treasurer's Office requires integrity, collaboration, and a strong history in problem-solving. Brian Watson exemplifies these qualities. When it comes to the next State Treasurer in Colorado, I am looking for actual solutions, not politicians who propose the same ideas over, and over again but have never truly solved problems in the past. Because of Brian's unique background and experience, I will be voting for him as State Treasurer, and I urge you to do the same.

Laura Carno
Founder of I am Created Equal


Brian is a proven successful businessman that places respect & high value on people!  His promise to not take a paycheck from the State of Colorado when elected says that he is genuinely in this race for US, not himself. Without a doubt, I support Brian Watson for Colorado Treasurer.

Tammy Klein
Director of Operations at SWS Polifi


 It has been my pleasure to know Brian for several years now.  His interest and commitment to making Colorado a better place for all is without question.  His background and personal experience in the financial world in my opinion makes him an extremely qualified candidate for the position of State Treasurer.  I have found no other candidate with the commitment and experience to match Brian's.  His work here in Colorado and investment not only from a personal financial but personal giving and support for the community are beyond reproach.  I highly recommend that all voters look at Brian's as the best candidate for this position and support him in any manner they are comfortable with.

Herb Atchison
Mayor of Westminster